Qubole Meetup: Intro to Airflow


Back Pedal Brewing
1425 NW Flanders St, Portland, OR 97209


September 26, 2018
4:15 PM PDT



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About Us

Today, being competitive means having the right technology to uncover new insights and make critical business decisions that fully leverage your data. Qubole helps you do just that by revolutionizing how companies activate their data — helping you put data into the hands of your users at the exact time and in the format they need it.

During this event, you will engage with our team on an interactive discussion around Airflow and how it has become a widely adopted technology.

Conversations will cover:
  • How to use Airflow to operationalize everything that touches the data lake
  • Features that allow analytics and data science teams to build data pipelines quickly
  • How Airflow can become a powerful tool for big data operations




4:15 PM - 4:25 PM    Check-in at Back Pedal Brewing (sign bike waiver upon arrival)
4:30 PM BrewCycle Departs Back Pedal Brewing to Old Town P&B
4:50 PM
BrewCycle Arrives
Intro to Airflow Presentation (food & beverages provided)
5:50 PM    BrewCycle Departs to Von Ebert Brewing 
6:00 PM  BrewCycle Arrives at Von Ebert Brewing (beverages provided)
6:30 PM  BrewCycle Departs Von Ebert Brewing to drop guests back at Back Pedal Brewing
6:45 PM Event Concludes


Ben Roubicek.png

Ben Roubicek


Sr. Solutions Architect - Qubole

Ben Roubick is a Sr. Solutions Architect at Qubole who has 15 years of experience in Java, Python, RDBMS, and more recently Big Data. In addition, he's held every engineering title ranging from Engineer to CTO. Join Ben as he shares an overview of the state of modern data architecture followed by insights on key trends and current problems in Big Data. He'll introduce key takeaways from our 2018 Big Data Activation Report -- revealing how companies are becoming successful and which technologies are most popular for users to operationalize their big data workflows. More specifically, he'll walk you through the value of Airflow and share a side-by-side comparison of Airflow benefits versus traditional ETL tools.



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